Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Borat destroys Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock Marital Bliss

In a sign of how jaded and cynical our society has become, absolutely no one in the whole world thought it would last when Playboy Playmate, Baywatch pin-up and occasional pornographer Pamela Anderson wed mediocre white trash musician and occasional pornographer Kid Rock last summer.

And in a move that has similarly surprised no one at all, the two decided to call it quits on Monday after four whole months of marriage. However, in an unusual development that has actually surprised quite a few people, it has been revealed that the marital breakdown can be partly attributed to Kazzakstani reporter and fictional character Borat, who isn't an occasional pornographer but has been seen in the past with his face in some fat man's arse.

Americans famously promote the theory that anyone can accomplish anything in their country and few people reflect this ethos better than Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson. Let's face it, in any other country Kid Rock would probably be working a drive-thru window at Mcdonalds and Pamela would be turning tricks for coins in order to save up enough money so they could move to a spot in their trailer park not next to the septic tank. And the closest they would ever get to fame would be appearing once in one of those "we came all the way from Plebville, Wyoming just to see you Jerry!" bits they used to play at the end of Jerry Springer. Instead, oddly enough, they're earning millions of dollars, rubbing shoulders with the culturally and financially elite, releasing albums of crappy white rap and getting married on expensive yachts.

However, just because they frequently appear on TV and occasionally get filmed having sex with and alongside such fellow white trash superstars as Tommy Lee and that guy from Creed doesn't mean they can't fail at marriage like us ordinary plebs, with sexy Hepatitis-C sufferer Pamela Anderson suing for divorce citing irreconcilable differences last Monday. However, most ordinary folk can't also cite British film sensation Borat as the cause behind their marital breakdown like Pamela can. As reported by The London Free Press: "Canada's Pamela Anderson is divorcing Kid Rock because of his angry reaction to her part in the film. The long-haired singer [had an] outburst at a private Hollywood screening of Borat -- he is reported to have publicly called his new bride a "slut" and a "whore" for appearing in the film."

Appropriately karmic, it hasn't all been a bed of roses for Borat either. Just recently he has been deemed public enemy no. 1 by the people of Kazakhstan, been sued by several people who appeared in the film, been accused of introducing the "Very Nice! How much?" catchphrase into schoolboy lexicon, potentially inspired Kramer's career destroying racist tirade and probably also shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand causing the outbreak of the First World War.

After his marriage wrecking abilities were made public yesterday, several people allegedly asked him to spend a little time around Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to which Borat replied...well, he didn't actually say anything because he's a fictional character you prat.

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