Monday, November 13, 2006

Kanye West in Racist Australian Adventure

My it's been a big week for famous people calling out non-famous plebs for being dirty bigots!

Yesterday it was Elton John doing the shit-slinging. Today it's rapper Kanye West who dabbled in the Oprah Winfrey approved activity of going overseas and then making a massive stink about how racist said country is compared with America. Yes, that America: the self-proclaimed 'land of the free' that ironically only stopped slavery like a hundred years ago or something.

The country apparently full of dirty bigots in question is Australia where Kanye West is embarrasingly touring as the support act for rubbish nostalgia band U2. Now, you more than likely think of Australia as a country full of friendly laid-back people probably because you've seen Crocodile Dundee and probably also because you're the sort of person who makes over-generalizations about entire nations of people based on decades old movies. However, if the man who once chucked a tantrum because he didn't win an MTV music award is to be believed, Australians might not be so friendly and laid-back after all. According to The Age:

"West, 29, was checking out the Opera House at the same time as a large media pack was photographing British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, aka Borat. The rapper attempted to cross the road and appeared to be pushed by an Opera House security guard. "I just thought it was funny 'cos he didn't even stop my friend and he stopped me," West said after the incident. "Then he pushed me."

How the hell did Borat get dragged into this?

Okay, so Kanye West didn't really kick up a massive stink. However, if Oprah Winfrey's racism drenched trip to Paris is to become a precedent for these sorts of things, we can probably expect Kanye West to blather loudly to the media about his 'crash moment' then dedicate an entire episode of his internationally syndicated talk show to how racist dirty foreigners are.

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